About Us


Our names are Asher & Emily, a husband and wife duo based out of Bristol, TN! When we aren’t taking pictures we are usually eating our favorite food (definitely pizza), binge-watching our favorite shows, (Game of Thrones, Longmire, Arrow, This Is Us, Shameless, pretty much everything) and snuggling with our sassy cat Pickle. We are outrageously passionate about what we do and the couples we get to meet along the way. There is absolutely no shame in our instant-replying game and we’re guilty of answering in gifs/memes more than we should. We believe life is too short to take everything so seriously and when you’re relaxed and having fun you end up with the best pictures and we get to see the side of you that we absolutely adore. You can expect professional photos and forget the rest because we want you to be our friends rather than clients.


It's simple. We believe that connection is by far the most important part of the entire process. When the day comes, you have friends taking your pictures. We like to inspire our couples to do whatever they want on their day, because sometimes the traditions just don't fit or even make any sense! It's your day, do whatever you'd like and whatever tells the story of you two! We'll be there to capture it.